Brand-new the pandemic.


Possibly misleading.

Could it possibly be an acronym?

No, it’s Korean.

For what?

It’s a combination of the English phrase “mask” and also the Korean word

sagikkun”, which means fraud.
It is a huge buzzword in the wonderful world of Korean internet dating

Does it suggest people using goggles when they go on dates?


As you’re meant to use a mask when you are out.

This is exactly about people using goggles within their matchmaking application pages.

That is somewhat cautious; I really don’t believe possible capture Covid over Tinder.

However, it is rather popular. A sharp increase in the number of masked profile pictures has actually led to southern area Korean internet dating sites forbidding or limiting all of them.

Because they get you to look less attractive?

Because they get you to look more attractive.

Since when?

A report by experts at Cardiff University, printed last week, learned that while masked confronts happened to be once regarded as unsightly – as a result of groups with sickness and infection – these are typically now ranked greater in attractiveness than unmasked faces.

But exactly why?

It appears that within the ages of Covid, masks offer folks reassurance and come up with the person seem caring. Because of this, bluish medical masks are ranked highest of all.

Or it might be because they keep hidden most of the regrettable areas of the face.

There’s that, too. When the brain is actually required to complete the blanks, it is often slightly optimistic. Therefore the possibility of deception; ergo magikkun.

We must obviously have our very own phrase because of it.

We carry out, kind of: “maskfishing” was actually coined in 2020, as soon as the website grown FriendFinder issued a “no maskfishing mandate” to suppress the practice.

Nonetheless, in the event that you continue a night out together with somebody and additionally they wear a mask the entire time anyway, was their profile photo really so misleading?

Or even what somebody seems like isn’t all those things crucial that you start out with.

Are you kidding?

Its a


up web site, not chess dance club.

At least a disguised image demonstrates a possible passionate partner you are not a Covid-denier.


. Easily fancied investing four-hours discussing

Bill Gates

and microchips, I would personally have gone home for xmas.

The southern area Korean app, Blind Date, provides hit a fantastic damage: “We ensure singular photograph with a mask on is actually enabled per profile,” said CEO Kang Ba-da.

Looks fair. Show me your own Covid pass, so we’re out.

I am swiping remaining, in fact.

Read it here /korean-dating.html

Perform state:

“you may have lovely eyes.”

Do not state:

“OK, you can keep the mask on, although cowboy hat has to go.”